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Who I am?

Anti-Publicist, Brand Coach and Chilean writer. Creator of the IdolBrand® Model I have developed my professional activity in Hispanic America and USA as a Strategic Consultant working with Fortune 500 companies, artists and Brilliant Entrepreneurs.


The game of being you

Are you the chip or the game? You may have heard that each person is unrepeatable. However, you probably have not been educated under that scheme. It's time to look at you like never before to discover that unique value that only you have and to shout to the world, Who You Are.



The brands that really captivate us are those that offer a meaning that goes beyond the product or its functionality. Discover the art of creating an unconditional relationship between a potential follower and YOUR BRAND.



“Slowly die who does not travel, who does not read, who does not find grace in himself”

Martha Medeiros

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